Pole tekstowe: FIRST YEAR

Pole tekstowe: SECOND YEAR
Pole tekstowe: THIRD YEAR









          Starting Seminar (3 days) in Finland                Seminar & Workshop (3 days) in UK                             Seminar & Workshop (3 days) in Germany           Final Seminar (3 days) in Italy

WP 2

Analysing phase


WP 3

Designing and producing REPRO-cases


WP 4

Designing the guidebooks and starting to collect the guidebook material


WP 7 Production of final products; tested REPRO-cases, teacher's manual, students casebook and SCL-model


WP 5

Implementing and testing cases and guidebooks


WP 6

Producing and writing the SCL- model


















WP 8

Dissemination of the project


WP 9

Evaluation of the project and its outcomes;